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Hi, my name is Emily Sherwood and welcome to Sports Massage and Movement.

I've always had a serious passion for sport. I have been participating in both team & individual sports throughout my whole life. I have experienced first-hand the impact physical activity can have on both your physical & mental well-being & how picking up an injury affects more than just the physical.

I am a firm believer that when it comes to injuries, pain, discomfort, & general aches, the best medicine is prevention. I work with people to help them manage their bodies in a way that lowers their risk of injury, using a multitude of techniques from deep tissue massage to dry needling.

I also provide Physical Training services, designed to help busy people fit in their workouts around their schedules. It’s one of my favourite things to do as you can really see the positive impact on clients’ all-round well-being; I love the feel good factor that exercise gives my clients!

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A little more about me!

I love participating in, watching & discussing all things sports. From a young age I played netball, football, rounders, danced & even dabbled in a bit of kickboxing. Football was my main focus for a long time, I played as a Goalkeeper and now my playing time is over, I work alongside a local football team providing pre-match treatments & sports first aid.

More recently, as well as spending time in the gym - mainly strength & resistance training, I am heading back into playing Netball, which I am thoroughly enjoying!

Aside from work, I love walking my dogs, as you won't catch me running (as much as I admire the discipline behind it), as a huge foodie, I would never recommend cutting carbs from your diet & I am always finding new places to brunch, lunch & dine!

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  • FdA in Sports Coaching & Performance

  • Sports Massage Level 4

  • CPD in Dry Cupping, Hot Stones Massage, and Dry Needling

  • Kinesiology Taping, Sports Taping, and Strapping

  • Fitness Instructor and Personal Training

  • Corrective Exercise Specialist.

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